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Mai Charming Hotel is located in the heart of the city of HANOI, it has a good service and proper facilities and well managed by our very own helpful, enthusiastic staff. That all make us become the popular midrange hotels in the Old Quarter of Hanoi


1. Taxi airport scams.

At the airport, our staff will hang up the pick up sign with our guests’ names, some taxi drivers copy the names and write them down in his own paper, and then quickly stand far in front of our staff and try to convince you go with them. Be careful! The following are some situations that can happen:

- On the way to the hotel, if the taxi driver says that Mai Charming Hotel is booked out and recommends you or drives you straight to another hotel, please do not believe him. What you should do is to contact the hotel’s number (84 4) 39382368 and ask for information.

- The taxi driver tries to take your money every time you pass bridges and blames it for toll fees. Don’t pay him anything as the toll fee is included in the price which should be paid once you reach the hotel with the help of the reception.

- The taxi driver drops you off in front of our hotel and if there is a person running to you, telling you that “Mai Charming Hotel is full, please follow me to the second hotel”, please do not believe him. You should come in and ask the reception for exact information.

- If the taxi driver asks for any additional payment, just ignore him.

2. Money

Some people get confused with the Vietnamese currency
The VND currency has the following notes:
200 and 500 (now limited supply)
Rate of exchange between 22,200 VND to 22.400VND for $1
Always check that you hand over the right money and receive the right change when purchasing something. It has been known for some unscrupulous traders to pretend to help you count your money and they take more than what you should pay for.
When changing money, count the notes to make sure you have received the correct amount. And change your money ONLY in reputable places – hotel receptions, banks (lower rate), many jewellery shops have good rates for changing money. Do not change money from the ladies walking around HoanKiem

3. Electricity

Electricity is 220 volts and 50Hz. Plugs are often either two squarepins or two roundpins. Three-pin plugs can be found in some certain places.

4. Shopping

You should bargain when you shop in local markets. For example, if the shop owner says 100 dollars, you should ask for 40, and then work for an agreement from there. If negotiations are not working, start to walk away and in the vast majority of cases, the shop owners will call you back and give you their best price.

5. Traffic

The traffic in Hanoi is amazing but also seems scaring. There is plenty of traffic particularly during rush hour (7am to 9am and 4.30pm to 6.30pm). Try to stay off the roads in that period or take into account that travel at those times will take longer. When crossing the road, do not make the sheer numbers of motorbikes overwhelms you, just walk slowly and carefully.

6. Being ripped off

Throughout Vietnam foreigners are often charged more.  There are common complaints of a 3 tiered pricing structure. Vietnamese price, expat price and foreign tourist price. Before you go spending your money check with our reception how much you should pay for certain items. In the markets bargain and settle on a price that you think is reasonable. The prices in the supermarkets and shops are fixed prices

7. Booking tours and transportation

In the old quarter there are many scam travel agencies offering to sell cheap flights/ train tickets and tours. They often are of a lower quality and standard OR selling you one then giving a difference lower quality (crying for wine when selling vinegar). The best way to do is book tour/s and tickets through hotel with guaranty produce and get a big benefit – especially you got exactly what you paying for.

8. Street vendors or shoes polish/ repair

When you are walking around street sellers may pester you to buy postcards, chewing gum and books and maps. Again they may scam you and charge you too much. It is best to buy these items in bookshops and reputable outlets. When you are on the street some fellows invite you to repair / shoes polish then try to get as much cash as they can, what you should do is say “NO”. IF you want to do that then the price should be 2USD or 40,000VND maximum NO MORE of course you need to clear the price first!

9. Taxi

There are many taxi companies but there are many bad meter one, but you can find a Grap taxi/ car/ Uber/ Mai Linh taxi or Hanoi Group taxi company.


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